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solid stainless steel large sex toys aephi sex toys party best sex toys for couples classix silicone snatch adult toy vault Sex pads Our world has become a huge secretary who wants to label us and classify us all by folders ... even in bed. Our world has become a huge secretary who wants to label us and classify us all by folders Even in bed. Imagine that one day, you discover that your dad was not born male and that, in addition, he was the one who opened his legs in the delivery room to bring him into this world. It seems the synopsis of a novel by Stephen King, but the funny thing is that it is real. Thomas Beatie, a 34-year-old man, who was called Tracy until ten years ago, decided to remove his breasts and take testosterone to become a man. Thomas married a woman, who suffered endometriosis and became sterile, but since the couple wanted to have a baby of their own, they decided that the father had him, after all, he was a man with a uterus. Today, sexual diversity is as varied as a sushi menu with all kinds of combinations, man with woman, woman with woman, man with man, transsexual with man, transsexual with woman, etc. Kinsey's famous scale sought to describe the sexual history of a person in a certain period, it began from scratch and went to six, being the exclusively heterosexual zero type Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the six exclusively homosexual, where the fabulous Miss Jay Alexander would be parading . Spread between these two extremes are the gray areas, where heteroflexibles and homoflexibles are found, that is, those that diversify their portfolio of shares in both markets. If sexuality were a case of trends like fashion, being straight would be like wearing jeans, always a classic. Being gay would be a miniskirt, always scandalous, and being bisexual would be leather pants that make anyone look cool. The fashion was started by David Bowie in the 70s, echoing the love in stereo that many have adopted, including Angelina Jolie before she became ill with Brad Pitt and wanted to adopt all of humanity. Freud already defended the theory that every person had the ability to be bisexual at some time in his life. The truth is that being so has its advantages, as Woody Allen says: "I am strictly heterosexual, but bisexuality does double the chances of getting a date on a Saturday night." For those who were small to be bisexual, there is the omnisexual term, which is like a great vacuum that swallows everything that goes through them, these are the Samathas Jones of this world who have no problem getting to bed from Johnny Depp , Laisa Reyes and even ET if well endowed. These people do not discriminate when it comes to love, I am sure that if politicians were omnisexual there would be more love, less war and the world summits would be in motels ‘five dusts'. It is uncommon to hear from pomosexuals, these are independent thinkers who do not like to be labeled with their sex lives, so they stay out of the label factory. There are also asexuals, who do not feel sexual attraction and appear to be the Barbie and Ken without genitals with which one played. Finally, we have the homosexuals, who love themselves exclusively, thus saving all the anniversaries gifts and love and friendship that touches those who prefer to have a partner. When someone describes a person, he sculpts them about adjectives: height, complexion, hair, texture, genius; sexuality must be regarded as another chiseled, not like the entire sculpture. People tend to twist their eyes as if they had seen an elephant with diarrhea when they see something different from the classic Adam and Eve combination; Love is love, what changes is the packaging. Everyone should have the right to go out with anyone, as long as it is consensually, as they say out there: "It doesn't matter what you do in your room, as long as you don't do it on the street and scare the horses." home made prison sex toys fantasy orc adult toys
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