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This latest incident is an affront to the human dignity of Steven Monjenza and Towonge Chimbalanga, regardless of their sexual orientation, and we should do what we can to call the government to respect their human rights obligations. This saying should be remembered when listening to an interview with MP David Bahati, the creator of that awful anti-gay Ugandan bill. Vanguard documentary Missionaries of Hate which looked at how this bill came into being. They encourage us, but they are in a society that is very hostile. And we appreciate that and we say do what you think is right for your conscience. We are engaged in a very difficult battle and it is important that you come out clearly. Many, many Americans don't accept homosexuality as a human right, who take it as sin. There are those who think we should appreciate them, be tolerant of them. Well in terms of resources, in terms of propaganda, resource in terms of money, they are very, very, very powerful. 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