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What does life revolves around what sex Dragon Dildo A & quot; fantastic & quot; Sextoy A dildo for dragon friends Fire do not spit the good pieces, but some of the dildo models are equipped with a function for artificial ejaculation. At the same time, the ejaculate also serves as a lubricant - and because the "Bad Dragon" -makers seem to have thought of everything, the dragon's sperm is also sold in a handy refill pack. In addition, the dildos are made of allergy-friendly silicone, each model is available in different shapes and sizes. These range from standard formats for home use to underarm-length toys in authentically monstrous dimensions. couples sex toy Incidentally, the dragon dildos were designed by their creators as unisex toys. "Instead of pursuing special marketing strategies for men or women, we focus on the commonality between all: These are people who are really excited about fantasy characters and want to make these fantasies a reality," says "Bad Dragon" co-founder 'Varka 'the portal "The Daily Dot". No copyright infringement Dragon enthusiasts, for example, who want to live out their "Game of Thrones" -Obsession in a very special way, go to "Bad Dragon" but empty. "We usually keep our fingers off things that might upset larger studios," explains the "Bad Dragon" boss on The Daily Dot. Instead, buyers should rather let their own imagination play. "After all, no one knows what a dragon's tail really looks like - that's half the fun, you can choose it yourself." Sex from behind: 4 signs that you are ready for it How many times can girls orgasm
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