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How to create a private sex life Streit: These 4 things you should never do 1.) Dispute publicly: If quarrels are taken outside, they can not be productive. You start by exposing the other to an audience and no longer lead a healthy discussion. It also becomes more hurtful, as in a private conversation behind your own front door. sex toys couples With these 6 tricks you learn to forgive 2.) Do not want to argue Wanting to avoid quarreling for any price can sometimes be more harmful to a relationship than a confrontation with flying plates and wild verbal abuse. How so? If you want to sweep everything under the carpet and do not want a bad mood, you risk a lot. Dispute in itself is not a bad thing, only it must be properly guided. Unnecessary finger-pointing is out of place. Instead, you should get to the bottom of the issue together. 3.) Play the Screamer If you want to argue with respect, you should refrain from insults. Likewise, making the situation worse greatly aggravates. If your partner does not understand your point of view, that is certainly not because he lacks the ability to hear. Stay calm and explain yourself. Once arrived in the screaming phase, it is hard to get out again, as often the partner gets louder. Here it is advisable to interrupt the argument for a few minutes and to meet again in another place in the apartment to continue this. 4.) "Never, you, always." If you begin sentences with allegations or lump-sum charges, it can not end well. Instead of a "you are never home!", You could do it with a "I would like to have you at my side more often in the future." try and believe me - the second one will make you and your cause move faster than weeping allegations. That's why lovesickness lasts longer in old age Can guys feel anal orgasms
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Asked on October 11, 2019 2:29 pm